Create: A Spring Wreath

I've mentioned my love for wreaths a few times before, and while many see them simply as a festive decoration for December, I like to hang them the whole year round. Creating my autumn wreath was so simple that I decided immediately that I would make another come spring, and this week that time arrived, just ready for the Easter weekend as well.

I started by browsing the local florist for a few select blooms, including one bunch from the reduced section in front of the shop. Although the flowers were already open, it didn't really matter as I knew the wreath would not last as long as a styled vase, and wanted the visual impact to be immediate. I didn't set out with a colour scheme in mind, but as these things often do it evolved naturally into a predominantly purple and yellow display - perfect to brighten our home and in keeping with fresh spring colours. I also picked up a couple of eggs as a homage to Easter and a reminder that new life is on the horizon.

Like last time, I used a willow wreath base, and you can pick them up from garden centres or online, or if you'd prefer you could use a wire base instead. I added the thistles and eggs first and then filled in the gaps with the rest of the flowers, making sure to slide the stems far enough into the willow so that they stay put (this way no string or other attachments are needed - so simple!).

If you're thinking of giving this very simple craft a try, here are my top tips for the perfect wreath display:

  • Invest in a solid base. I've used my willow base for a couple of years now and it's perfect for weaving stems in and out.
  • Choose a mixture of foliage and flowers for a balanced effect.
  • Start with the big stems first - these will be the trickiest to slot into place.
  • Don't be afraid to pull something out if it doesn't work - the beauty of wreath making is that it doesn't matter if you make a mistake.
  • Stand back throughout the process to check what the wreath looks like from afar.
  • Once flowers start drooping, simply replace them with new ones if you want to keep your wreath displayed for longer than a few days.